Many Armenians, who came to America in the early 20th century, came with just the shirt on their backs. They came with so much more, however.  Armenians came to this country with their religion, their ethics, their language, their music, their literature, their history, their culture, their values and, most importantly, their food. In fact, one of the ways we maintain our heritage as Armenians is through food. When I see and smell Armenian foods, it immediately triggers memories that I have of family members that are no longer with us or of special occasions when we ate certain foods.

There is a misconception that traditional Armenian foods are too hard to make, or too time-consuming to make in this busy, modern-day world. Love On A Plate – Armenia will dispel these myths.

The recipes developed for Love On A Plate – Armenia:

  • Celebrate our heritage and our small ethnic group through food
  • Teach Armenians who might not have watched their family members cook certain foods that they enjoyed
  • Teach Armenians who want to try traditional foods that they have never tried making or eating
  • Teach anyone who wants to learn how to cook healthy traditional Armenian foods
  • Make traditional Armenian foods in a simple, easy and efficient manner
  • Put a modern twist on traditional Armenian recipes

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