A second generation Armenian, I was born and raised in Natick, Massachusetts.
After graduating Mount Holyoke College
in 1992, I attended Suffolk University
Law School, receiving my degree in 1996. I married my husband in 2003 and continued practicing law as a litigation attorney for almost 10 years.

Growing up in an Armenian household, I learned early on the importance of family and of pride in being a Disasporan Armenian. My grandparents on both sides of my family came to the United States in the early 20th Century. My parents always instilled in me a responsibility in remembering and celebrating our heritage as Armenians. Whether it was going to church, Sunday School or a kef (Armenian party), being Armenian encompassed my entire life. Of course food played an integral role in my upbringing. Watching my mother and grandmothers cook was routine. There was always something on the stove. Even my dad would be often seen firing up the grill, giving me tips on how to properly skewer kebab.

Vivid memories of certain foods my grandmothers made have stuck in my mind for years. My senses of smell and taste can take me back to a particular time in my life, or evoke a certain memory of a family member.

After starting a family, I took a hiatus
from my career. Over the years, as an active attorney with not much time on my hands, or as a stay at home mom juggling four children, my passion and love for cooking Armenian foods stayed strong.
I developed methods to simplify making Armenian food and developed efficient ways to multi-task to streamline creating these dishes. Along the way, I even found ways to create healthier versions of some of the traditional foods that we enjoy as Armenians. It is important to know that
I am not a trained chef, but one does
not need to be a trained chef to learn
how to cook these traditional recipes.
I learned how to cook by watching. It
is this knowledge that I seek to share
and pass on to those who did not have
the opportunity to watch a family
member cook.

Love On A Plate – Armenia dispels the myths associated with making these wonderful traditional Armenian Foods.  Love On A Plate – Armenia can teach anyone who has the desire to learn how
to make these traditional recipes and broaden their culinary horizons. Let’s celebrate and embrace a unique
cultural heritage.

Lisa Kouchakdjian

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